Does this sound familiar?

  • Tired of restrictive diets that don’t last
  • Overwhelmed by what social media tells you to do
  • Feeling anxious around food
  • Feeling stuck trying to make progress
  • Can’t seem to lose fat
  • Always starting over again
If you’re tired of trying program after program without feeling better or accomplishing any of the goals you have in mind then it’s time to try something new

It’s time to move with strength

It’s time to live with confidence

It’s time to feel in control around food


we do that here. We make empowerment happen.

It’s time to feel the best you’ve ever felt by creating the body and life you want.
Are you Ready?

It’s time for …

Group Coaching with the
Miss Frizzle of Fitness

Burn fat, build muscle, get strong - Feel the BEST you’ve ever felt with Rusty and her team.

For the next 3 months (or longer) journey with our community of people who are all working on the same thing: building an empowered life.


Working with Rusty includes:

Detailed nutrition planning

We provide tons of information on what nutrition for y-o-u should look like. This includes: tracking calories, determining how much protein you need, if you need to track carbs/fat, fiber, meal timing, supplements, and more!


New strength workouts every 6 weeks (both home and gym options provided)

Recipes for the Food Lover

Never ending recipes to choose from. Macro friendly recipes like our Brownie Batter Ice Cream, high protein Philly Cheesesteaks, 1 Pan Pizza and Jacked Up Mac’n’Cheese, because we believe working on your goals doesn’t mean eating boring food

Support Tribe

Connect with other people who are following similar workouts and working on building their most empowered self

Accountability Buddies

Ask questions, post success, share as much as you like or sit back and read along. Whatever you need – we’re here to support you

Weekly Live Chats

This is your chance to as Rusty more specific questions about your workouts, nutrition, or how to continue making progress. Nothing is off limits!


Meet The Frizz

I know firsthand how it feels to want more for yourself, but not nowhere to get started.
Over a decade ago I fought with my own eating disorders, obsessive dieting, body dysmorphia, and lack of self confidence.

My journey in becoming who I am today is what made me want to create a safe space where other people could be free to ask questions, get stronger than they ever thought possible, and fall back in love with what they’re truly capable of


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Time is the only resource we don’t get back. There is no better time than now.

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Let’s do it.

See you on the bus,

Coach Frizzle