Hey, I'm Rusty

I know first hand how it feels to want more for yourself, but have no idea how to get started.
Over a decade ago I fought with my own eating disorders, obsessive dieting, body dysmorphia, and lack of self confidence.

My journey in becoming who I am today is what made me want to create a safe space where other people could be free to ask questions, get stronger than they ever thought possible, and fall back in love with what they’re truly capable of


Let's Get Personal

I started working in this industry 7+ years ago and have been blessed to study, and work, under some awesome industry professionals and educational institutions.

Between my book smarts and hands on experience, I am confident in being able to deliver a unique coaching experience. While my programs will help take your training to the next level – I believe fitness and wellbeing is more than just what we do in the gym and in the kitchen so I incorporate an overall sense of wellbeing with all my 1:1 clients

Whatever your goals may be: adding muscle, losing weight, finding peace with your body, getting strong, building up your metabolism, fixing your deep health – this is fitness for everyone.

  • Sustainable
  • Continuous
  • Permanent
  • Empowering

Those are the results we believe in


Certs and Courses Taken

here's some recent ways I've been growing my knowledge

– Member Of The Certified Professional Trainers Network PT (CPTN)
– Fitness Leadership Honors Diploma Holder (Sheridan College)
– NCI certified
– Understanding PCOS
– Female Fat Loss Hormone Course thru the Educated Dieter
– How to Fix a Broken Metabolism
– YMCA Canada: Strength, Power, Cycle, Personal Trainer level 2



Discover My Fitness Coaching Programs

Lifestyle Coaching Plan 1:1

$ 300 / Per month

Great for anyone wanting to build muscle, change their body composition, or improve their day to day fitness. Working with me in a 1:1 setting you'll receive complete accountability and education to help you thrive.

What You Get

Customized Fitness Program (Woman & Men).

Exercise Form Video Review.

Custom Nutrition coaching.

Supplements Advice & Schedule.

Weekly Check-Ins.

Establishing Optimum Lifestyle Habits.

Regular and consistent communication.

Accountability buddies.




You could be great today but you choose tomorrow instead

you don't need to be perfect to start, you just need to start

Custom Programs Tailored To Your Body Type And Lifestyle

My workout and nutrition plans are not based on guesswork and what works for others. Instead, they are tailored to your fitness goals and lifestyle to ensure you get the desired results.

Choose Where You Want To Workout

Whether you want to work out in the gym or you prefer the comfort of your own home - I can create a program that works for you (and no, equipment isn't necessary)

Around The Clock Support

I will consistently show up for you. When you work with me I'm here to help you navigate your fitness journey and give you the support you need to succeed


Do You Believe in Magic

These are their success stories. Now let's get started on yours.

You Are One Click Away From Becoming The Best Version You Can Be

Reach out to me today to create your custom fitness program and nutrition plan and start your journey. Ready to partner with a personal trainer who roots for you?


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